My interest in violins and bows comes from being a musician.

I originally started playing the violin from the age of 6 and progressed through the Bromley Youth Music Trust system until I became a member of the international award-winning Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra. I maintain an active playing schedule and currently play in quartets, The Whitehall Orchestra, and I am the founder and manager of the Amici Orchestra.

My career in the violin business began as an apprentice when I received basic training from a luthier in the repair of all instruments of the violin family.

After  working for Frederick Phelps for 3 years and Bridgewood & Neitzert for 10 years  in London I then gained a great understanding of every aspect of violins, bows & accessories. I was surrounded by some of the best instruments and finest luthiers in the business and I gained a great amount of knowledge about instrument provenance, the vast range of strings & accessories available, repair procedures/techniques and also experience of working with some of the finest musicians in London.

In 2015 I went to France and received further training from another luthier exclusively in the rehair of bows of the violin family. I have gone on to rehair bows for hundreds of players, including  a good number of professional players in the London orchestras & ensembles.